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    Q: What exactly IS Lettering Library?
    A: Lettering Library is an online catalog of scarce and obscure 19th and early 20th century publications relating to lettering, sign-painting, alphabets, monograms, penmanship & more from the private collection of Jason Carne. Hand selected titles will be made available at the rate of four books per month. These books are offered in a downloadable PDF format after payment with high-resolution photography of each and every page, including front and rear covers, spine, and publishing information.

    Q: Do you loan out the books in physical form?
    A: Never, under any circumstances will the books be loaned out in their physical form to anyone. They are extremely valuable both in currency and in sentimentality and I refuse to run the risk of them getting lost, damaged or stolen in the mail. I’d be glad to bring them out to events and let anyone who is interested flip through them though!

    Q: Are you interested in buying my books?
    A: Possibly! I’m always on the hunt for new books relating to lettering, sign painting, monograms, alphabets, typography, show cards, layout, flourishing, penmanship, calligraphy and anything else related to those subjects. However, I’m only interested in books pre-1940 as of right now. Get in touch via the contact form to find out if I’m interested.

    Q: Can I request a book to be made available on Lettering Library?
    A: Absolutely, so long as they are from the list of current books I have (see here) or if you know where a copy of the book is available for purchase.

    Q: Can I print, reproduce, or use the artwork in these books?
    A: Lettering Library strictly forbids and physical reproductions of the books provided on this site for the intent of profit. It is legal, but frowned upon, to use elements outright in this book (such as monograms, fancy capitals, border designs); these publications are intended solely for research, inspiration, and personal study.